To component and product manufacturers alike, quality is at the top of the production agenda. Where this involves surface finishing the need to position and hold each item accurately and firmly is vital.

Carrtech Jig Services is dedicated to meeting this requirement. By ensuring jig performance is maintained, irrespective of a location in the country, Carrtech helps to meet its customers' own standards of quality and consistency - so vital in maximising competitiveness and profitability throughout industry. With a reputation for innovation based on the use of advanced jigging technology - including fast, high quality and high consistency tip making machinery - the service, which is certificated to ISO9002, is both advanced and highly reliable.














Carrtech's unique and experienced surface finishing jig design team is able to create a positioning and support system which is easy to load and un-load almost irrespective of a component's size or configuration - from small electronics to large display signs.

The Jig layout and the springs and tips that are used for each jig are all tailored to the process needs of the individual component - not simply with a view to loading as many items as possible each time. The comprehensive collection and refurbishment service then ensures that the orignal levels of qulity and performance are retained over time and throghout the production process.

Nationwide-wide collection, refurbishment
and delivery service.

Comprehensive in-house pyrolysis,
cleaning and repair facilities

Experienced jig design engineers
dedicated to meeting layout and
postioning needs for each individual
component or product

Proven track record that meets standard
and specialist electroplating and painting

Frame jig, basket and cage designs for
plating, anodising, painting, powder
coating, metal spaying and vacuum

Material selection includes all ferrous,
non-ferrous and titanium metals


Carrtech's dedicated jig stripping and repair service is designed to eliminate the 10% to 15% of all finishing jigs which are thought to be discarded each year-alarmingly worth more than 1 million annually.

Because the organisation specialises in jig design and supply, it has installed the most advanced jig cleaning facilities-to ensure both plating and painting jigs are completely cleaned of all deposited material. This allied to the company's in house tip making and refurbishment service helps to ensure customers maintain an economic supply of jigs irrespective of complexity or the enviroment in which they operate.





Carrtech operates purpose designed paint and metal stripping pyrolysis ovens at its two Birmingham premises. Because of their size speed of throughput is maximised - enabling clean jigs to be assessed and repaired rapidly for despatch back to the customer.

As competitive pressures increase, so the need to design and utilise ever more complex jigs grows. Discarding tailor made products of this sort can become a significant waste of money. The Carrtech service is designed to reduce this to the bare minimum whilst ensuring its customers' quality and efficiency of production is maintained at the highest level.

Dedicated jig stripping and repair service
ensures minimum jig down-time

Purpose designed cleaning facilities for
both electroplating and painting jigs

State of the art, computer-controlled
pyrolysis ovens used at Carrtech's two
Birmingham premises

In-house tip design and refurbishment
facilities minimise replacement costs
whilst maximising speed of througput

Refurbishment service links with
Carrtech's regular nation-wide collection
and delivery service

Advanced facility allows scheduled repair
and maintenance programme to be