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Jig & Rack Cleaning, Repair,
Maintenance and Recalibration

In Recent years many customers have requested that in addition to Carrtech's manufacture design solutions, we also provide an all encompassing after sales service whereby we undertake to collect, clean, recalibrate, repair and return jigs on a rotational basis, so ensuring optimum production capacity/ quality is maintained.

As competitive pressures increase, so the need to design and utilise ever more complex jigs grows. Discarding or utilising faulty jigs of this nature can lead to significantly reduced production yields and in turn lead to dramatic cuts in profitability. The Carrtech service is designed to reduce this to a bare minimum by ensuring customers' quality and efficiency of production is maintained to the highest level.

The benefit in Carrtech undertaking this operation is that as original manufacturers of the engineered component, we are best placed to ensure maintenance of it's original integrity by use of original build jigs, checking fixtures and manufacturing knowledge.

To this end Carrtech's Kitts Green premises now contains a fully integrated Cleaning/Recalibration facility which includes computer controlled pyrolisis ovens, dedicated staff and logistical support - maximising speed of throughput, assessment, maintenance and repair prior to despatch back to our customer ensuring rapid turnaround.


Key Features

Dedicated jig cleaning, maintenance, recalibration
  and repair facility.
Computer controlled pyrolisis ovens.
In House knowledge of design and integrity
  Utilisation of original build jigs and
  checking fixtures.
Life time guarantee for working life cycle of all
  jigs maintained.
Free minor repairs
Dedicated logistical support, servicing nationwide
  collection and delivery.
Proven track record to the AOEM and Tier one
  automotive industry.
Flexible pricing to suit customer budgetary needs
  - fixed advanced price/piece price.

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