Carrtech are happy to announce the launch of the Visomax CAP controller which enables customers to achieve a consistent and repeatable polishing finish.

  • The Visomax CAP controller (CAP = Compressed Air Phase) is a computer based system to control individual phases of a process where compressed air or electric equipment is in use.
  • The system works by interrupting the power supply (air or electricity) to the tool for less than a second. This allows a precise control of manual steps where conventional pneumatic or electric tools are in use.
  • With the help of the CAP controller, customers can achieve a consistent and repeatable sanding and polishing process. Once the desired method and products have been agreed, the customer can then set the CAP controller to reproduce these results time after time.
  • The operator focuses on the specific process technique without the distraction of counting.
  • The CAP controller allows the customer to control power consumption and manage costs through controlling the time of each phase, this means excess process time is eliminated and a reduction in the consumption of compressed air.
  • It also enables the customer to carry out controlled trials as the CAP controller enables a consistant repeatable test independant of the operators experience.
  • The customer can create a maintenance program for tooling on the basis that the CAP controller captures information on running time for each machine, this enables the customer to service tooling and document trigger time.
  • Timings can be changed for coating hardness.  For example: bodies not immediately processed, such as post weekend or holidays, may require slightly longer sanding and polishing times.
  • This allows engineering / suppliers to design new process parameters and application techniques.

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