Carrtech Plant and Equipment draws on the company's extensive design, manufacturing and engineering skills through more than 40 years' experience in industry.

CPE has gained an excellent nation-wide reputation for the design, installation and commissioning of small-scale plating and finishing lines. Barr, rack and basket metal finishing plant is available from the company and, in all cases, customers benefit from Carrtech's in-house design and fabrication facilities. This links closely with acclaimed jigging design and supply service, and in many cases the installation of a plating line has gone hand-in-hand with the ongoing supply and maintenance of tailor-made jigs.





Dedicated metal finishing plant service
for plating and painting installations

Design, installation, commissioning and
ongoing maintenance

Supply of ancillary equipment

Extraction systems which include
de-misters and fume scrubbers

Integration with Carrtech's extensive jig
design and maintenance

Proven in a comprehensive range of
industries nation-wide


  Industry Focus  
  A large number of industry sectors benefit from the CPE service including: -
   Aerospace Engineering Electronics Plumbing and Brassware
  Automotive Components Gifts and Memorabilia Sports and Leisure Goods
  Automotive Products Ironmongery Telecommunications
  Defence Plastics White Goods Manufacturing