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Engineering Products


A reliable supply of a wide range of industrial products and consumable items can be fully met by Carrtech Engineering Products.

The service is dedicated to sourcing material for a growing number of companies notably within the Automotive, Engineering and Aerospace industries.

More and more companies are also taking advantage of Carrtech's consignment stock capability - whereby Carrtech is responsible for managing self contained facilities located within our customer's own premises - eradicating at a stroke problems associated with material supply and delivery whilst maximising control and cost effectiveness.


All consignment stock customers receive regular management information relating to stock issue and usage by way of detailed computerised management reports that clearly indicate stock movement and efficiency of use - allowing in turn for the specific financial targeting and assessment of individual cost centres.

Key Features

Free installation by Carrtech of fully integrated
  lockable stores and units made to fit individual
  customer specifications.
An initial stock input to these stores to an agreed
  level at Carrtech's expense.
Proven consignment stock management system
  ensures availability of supplies whenever needed.
Cost reductions through competitive pricing and
  supply control systems.
Permanent on or off site technical support
  enhanced by dedicated training centres.
Ongoing provision of statistics detailing
  consumable product usage - a vital
  management support and analysis tool.
Individually assigned designated member of staff
  ensures continued support and ongong
  technical backup.
Twenty four hour call out support.
Integration with other group activities - notably
  jig design, manufacture, cleaning, recalibration
  and maintenance service - all under one roof.

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