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Proven in practice:

Proven Improved Quality
Savings in Paint Usage
Reduction in Rework
Improved Schedule
Optimise Plant Capacity

Precision Paint Jigs


Significant cost and quality benefits can be gained in paint plant and other similar surface treatment operations through the use of jigs. The accurate and reproducible presentation of the product for processing allows the optimisation of spray patterns minimizing the use of paint and reducing quality losses and rework requirements. Jigs also act to minimize distortion during any thermal curing as well as maximizing plant loading.

Jigs can be calibrated and certified to any customer or supplier requirement.


Experts in design manufaction of finishing jig
  racks, slaves and jig cleaning.
Extensive refurbishment and jig cleaning facilities.
Specialist in design prototyping, manufacturing and
  maintenance of all types of pallets and stillages.
Excellent technical support.
Nationwide coverage.
ISO 9001 - 2000.
Experts in the management and supply
  of consumables.

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