Responding to a market need, Carrtech has established an all-encompassing after sales maintenance service, whereby the company undertakes to collect, clean, recalibrate, repair and return jigs on a rotational basis, thereby ensuring customers’ optimum production capacity and quality is assured at all times.

With the recent challenges of the UK economy and as competitive pressures have increased, so has the need to design and utilise ever more complex jigs. Discarding or relying upon faulty or misaligned jigs can lead to significantly reduced production yields and in turn lead to detrimentral effects on a business’ profitability. The Carrtech service is designed to help ensure customers' quality and efficiency of production is maintained to the highest level.

This service offers many benefits for the customer including the fact that as original manufacturers of the engineered solution, Carrtech are best placed to ensure maintenance of its original integrity by use of original build jigs, checking fixtures combined with expertise and manufacturing knowledge.

Carrtech’s Birmingham premises features a fully integrated cleaning and recalibration facility which includes computer controlled pyrolisis ovens, dedicated staff and logistical support. This maximises the speed of throughput, assessment, maintenance and repair prior to despatch back to the customer and ensuring a rapid turnaround.   

Key features:

  • Dedicated jig cleaning, maintenance, recalibration and repair facility
  • Computer controlled pyrolysis ovens
  • Experienced team with knowledge of design and integrity
  • Use of original build jigs – enabling on line productivity
  • Dedicated logistical support, servicing nationwide collection and delivery
  • Proven track record with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 automotive industry
  • Flexible and cost effective pricing to suit customers’ budget requirements