Manufacturers face ever increasing pressures in terms of time and cost of handling and transportation. Working proactively with customers to meet their budgeting requirements, Carrtech specialise in the design of pallets and dedicated stillages which bring optimum loading, reduced footprint, effective and reliable ergonomics and servicing to their operations.

By making full use of the company’s dedicated and extensive design and prototype facilities, customers can rest assured that all essential criteria are met and then improved upon by providing innovative handling solutions, quickly and cost effectively.

Once prototypes have been thoroughly tested and approved, we then supply quantities of pallets and stillages at highly competitive prices using a variety of flexible financial solutions.

In addition, Carrtech actively manages all the ongoing maintenance and recalibration. Collecting and delivering as and when required to ensure rapid turnaround times.

Stillages are designed for transportation of jigs and racks on site, as well as for transportation of painted parts and storage. Polyurethane dunnage can be designed into stillages for any painted product to be safely transported.

Service highlights include:

  • Extensive proactive and innovative design and prototype department
  • CAD facilities including 3D with in house CADCAM fabrication equipment including in house laser cutting machine
  • Permanent and ongoing technical support
  • Proven track record across a number of industries
  • Experienced project engineers who can interpret customers’ requirements correctly to ensure the right end result
  • Active repair and recalibration service producing quick turnaround times