Carrtech offers design solutions through a team of dedicated CAD/Prototype engineers who can liaise directly with those who have responsibility for installing and commissioning paint lines and plant.

Services include design of concept jigs from CAD data, through to working with component parts in CAD format to enable jig manufacture prior to actual mould tooling production.

If existing CAD data is not available, concept jigs can be designed from ‘SLA’ prototype moulds or production plastic mouldings and Carrtech can provide subsequent 2D or 3D drawings representing design if required. Laser cut profile or wire form tube can be utilised for this design process, whilst masking stations and polish stations can also be used for transfer of data if required.

Transfer of data is enabled through our dedicated file transfer site and we can also set up FTPs for our customers with secure names and passwords for additional peace of mind. 

Carrtech’s specialist software can support all of our customers’ needs and requirements, including 3D concept drawing supplied for layouts.